Big Blue Test 2012

My daughter Emily and I headed to a neighborhood in Los Angeles near Silver Lake over the weekend. Judging by the garbage littering the streets, the graffiti covering so many walls, and the worn out homes and businesses, we immediately knew that this was not a place we would want to live. We had an address, but it took a couple of trips around the block before we spotted the nondescript warehouse squeezed between two buildings and behind a chain link fence.

We doubled parked in the tiny little lot in front of the building, and cautiously peeked in the door, where a whole different world greeted us.

Emily was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was only 20 months old. And whenever we get an opportunity to do something to help promote awareness or to help fund a cure, both of us jump at it.

So I received an email about the production of a video to promote the Big Blue Test, sponsored by the Diabetes Hands Foundation. An opportunity. We jumped.

The Big Blue Test encourages those with diabetes to test their blood sugars, exercise for 20 minutes, test again, and then submit their results and the experience to the website. For every participant, sponsors make a $5 donation to help those with diabetes around the world. And this video is going promote the program, which this year will run from October 14th through November 15th.

The warehouse was a whirlwind of activity. Two walls and the floor painted stark white. A pack of cheerleaders flipping through the air as a coach shouts out “5, 6, 7, 8.” A camera wheeling around for a different point of view. A director pumping his fist in the air, shouting “Yes!”

Emily sat nervously in her school volleyball uniform, hugging her volleyball, awaiting her turn. We watched a young drummer pound away on the drums, dancers float across the whiteness, Elliot Yamin (of American Idol fame who also has diabetes) sing, a razor and its rider skim past the camera. And then, a trampoline is carried onto the surface before the camera.


Emily sailed through the air, spiking the volleyball while sailing about the trampoline while a camera rolled in close to capture the action. She looked great. Can’t wait to see the final cut – hope she makes it in.

But judging from the shoot, this is going to be a great video. The concept is beautiful. I am so glad we were able to be a part of this.

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